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At, our mission is to provide a comprehensive platform for video game speed runs. We aim to bring together the speedrunning community and provide a space for gamers to share their skills, knowledge, and passion for speedrunning. Our goal is to create a community-driven site that offers a wealth of resources, including tutorials, leaderboards, and forums, to help gamers improve their speedrunning skills and achieve their goals. We strive to be the go-to destination for all things related to video game speed runs, and we are committed to providing a user-friendly and engaging experience for all our visitors.

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Speedrun.Video Cheat Sheet

Welcome to Speedrun.Video, a website dedicated to video game speed runs. This cheat sheet is designed to help you get started with the concepts, topics, and categories related to speed runs.

What is a Speed Run?

A speed run is a playthrough of a video game with the goal of completing it as quickly as possible. Speed runners use various techniques, glitches, and strategies to complete the game in record time.

Categories of Speed Runs

There are several categories of speed runs, including:

Techniques and Strategies

Speed runners use a variety of techniques and strategies to complete games quickly. Some of these include:

Popular Speed Run Games

There are many games that are popular among speed runners. Some of the most popular include:

Resources for Speed Runners

If you're interested in getting started with speed running, there are many resources available to help you. Some of these include:


Speed running is a fun and challenging hobby that can be enjoyed by gamers of all skill levels. Whether you're interested in completing games as quickly as possible or achieving 100% completion, there are many resources available to help you get started. We hope this cheat sheet has been helpful in introducing you to the world of speed running. Happy gaming!

Common Terms, Definitions and Jargon

1. Speedrun - A playthrough of a video game with the goal of completing it as quickly as possible.
2. Glitch - An unintended error in a video game that can be exploited to gain an advantage.
3. Any% - A speedrun category where the goal is to complete the game as quickly as possible, regardless of how many objectives are skipped.
4. 100% - A speedrun category where the goal is to complete all objectives in the game as quickly as possible.
5. TAS - Tool-Assisted Speedrun, a speedrun that uses emulator tools to achieve perfect inputs and timing.
6. WR - World Record, the fastest time achieved in a particular speedrun category.
7. RNG - Random Number Generator, a system in video games that generates random events or outcomes.
8. Frame-perfect - A precise input that must be executed on a specific frame to achieve a desired outcome.
9. Glitchless - A speedrun category where the goal is to complete the game without exploiting any glitches.
10. IL - Individual Level, a speedrun category where the goal is to complete a single level or section of a game as quickly as possible.
11. RTA - Real-Time Attack, a speedrun that is timed from the start of the game to the end, without any pauses or save states.
12. SDA - Speed Demos Archive, a website that hosts speedrun videos and resources.
13. TASBot - A robot that can execute perfect inputs in a video game, used for tool-assisted speedruns.
14. Warp - A shortcut in a video game that allows the player to skip a large portion of the game.
15. Glitch-hunting - The process of searching for new glitches or exploits in a video game.
16. Grind - The process of practicing a specific section or technique in a video game to improve speedrun times.
17. Load time - The time it takes for a video game to load data from a storage device.
18. Input lag - The delay between pressing a button and the action being executed in a video game.
19. Lag reduction - The process of minimizing input lag and other delays in a video game.
20. RNG manipulation - The process of manipulating the random number generator in a video game to achieve a desired outcome.

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